Coach / Off Support

I have always been highly interested in the world of eSports. My interest in compeitive gamplay began at 4 years old playing Quake III Arena when my dad had bought it for PC. I soon swapped over xbox and picked up Halo 2 and then Halo 3 which led to me joining my first team at the age of 12.

I became more involved within the eSports scene when I made the change to Counter Strike: Global Offensive , I started coaching individual players at first while playing for a team. I coached CS:GO teams for 4 years and amassed over 6,000 hours in-game.

However I wasnt destined to continue on with CS:GO as in September of 2017 I purchased Overwatch and immediately hit the competitive ladder due to my previous experience within FPS games.

At first the idea of team compositions, counter-picks and objectives was strange but the more I played the more comfortable I felt. I joined the first season of the Overwatch Open Division and placed 12th out of over 300 teams. Again like CS:GO my passion for eSports led me towards coaching.

I work hard at Overwatch and since I started playing I have been learning every single day. Not only am I researching and doing homework on current, past and future metas but I’m also engaging with the players of the team, getting their feedback, working personally with them individually to help improve the team.

For me, the reason I love coaching has to be watching the time and energy of everyone on the team as they come together and seeing how much they have improved over time.

Overwatch Team

The team was put together in January 2019 where they had a slow start but everyone has been putting in the hours to improve and work together. There have been many changes, additions and countless hours of scrimming while everyone trains to get used to each others playstyles. After our first entry in the Open Division we are looking at making some adjustments to the roster and our strategy to help us in future tournaments. The team is dedicated and skilled, and over time will only keep getting better.

Keep your eyes opened as there is much more to come from the Nuclear Vikings Overwatch Team.